Hi! Thank you for visiting this site! Please feel free to browse all the image galleries and stop over at the technical section for some tips and recipes. This section will feature (in)frequent updates about my studio life, and home life with my two little guys, Guthrie and Sammy.

One of my favorite aspects of being a potter is teaching workshops. I've had the privilege of instructing in many different settings: community studios, universities, for clay guilds, as a resident artist, and at ceramic conferences. If you would like for me to come teach a demonstration or hands-on workshop, please feel free to contact me at amysandersclay@gmail.com to work out details! 

Speaking of teaching, I recently got the chance to be "on the other side" as a student during a workshop with the wonderful Susan Feagin. We printed with slips and underglazes, created a screen, and just played with the materials. I'm really excited about the potential of adding some of these surface new techniques to my own work...below are a couple of my pieces from the workshop. Susan is pictured above!